TSG 3.15: Research and development in testing (national and international) in mathematics education


In TSG 3.15 we would like to discuss national and international assessment, exams, and tests, their common features and specialties, taking into account the national programs.

National standardized assessments are increasingly expanding around the world, as is their presence within research. Some countries have a history of multiple national assessments for each school level and these have a huge influence on how teaching practices and teaching careers are developed. These phenomena are important discussion points.

Areas of interest

Subtheme 1: Developing practices

  • National practices in development of exams: objectives and implementation;
  • National specialties: general cultural context, impact of national standards;
  • Features of cross-border testing procedures (internationalization of content, challenges in synchronization of curriculum, translation issues, etc.);
  • Practice-oriented tasks in mathematical exams (intermediate, final);
  • Impact of PISA and TIMSS on the national exams and curriculums; and
  • Experience of development and use of open banks of mathematical tasks and learning materials.

Subtheme 2: Research

  • Multi-level exams: how the planned level of study affects the testing content;
  • The social role of exams; its impact on learning motivation and short and long term success in life; and
  • Public opinion on the role of mathematics in school and final exams.

Subtheme 3: Reference to large-scale national assessments

  • Their impact on national teaching practices; and
  • Their link to research in mathematics education.

Subtheme 4: The balance of Psychometrics and Mathematics Education in the development of large-scale testing

Subtheme 5: National assessments and pre-service and in-service teachers’ classroom practices and careers

  • Their impact on teaching practices and enacted curriculums;
  • Influence of teachers’ national evaluations on teaching careers and developing of teaching practices.

How to make a submission to TSG 3.15

Submissions for Topic Study Group Papers and proposals for Posters open soon – check the Key Dates table for specific dates relating to this activity.

Contact email addresses for team Co-Chairs are provided in the TSG 3.15 downloadable PDF Description Paper should you wish to contact them with questions before you make a submission.