Workshops provide hands-on experience to Congress delegates interested in learning or trying out something through active participation. Workshops are generally targeted to different types of participants, and have a well-defined theme that enables delegates to share practical strategies and approaches to their work as researchers, and as teachers.

Workshop topics are proposed by Congress delegates, with proposers assuming responsibility for organising 90-minute Workshop(s) during ICME-15.

There is no formal publication of ICME-15 Workshop materials.

Workshop Proposals

Congress delegates wishing to organise a Workshop at ICME-15 will need to submit a proposal. The formal call for proposals will be included in the Second Announcement.

The person(s) submitting the proposal will be responsible for planning and conducting the Workshop, including supplying any materials or equipment needed for the Workshop.

Proposal requirements

Proposals should include:

  • The name of the Workshop Leader
  • The names of any other people who will assist with running the Workshop
  • The name of the Workshop as it should appear in the ICME-15 program
  • A description of the Workshop, including:
    • The Workshop aims
    • The activities that will run: the IPC expect that Workshops will be designed to give participants a practical and interactive experience.
    • Any other specific requirements i.e. multimedia facilities needed to run the activities.

Workshops will have a professional focus, not a commercial one. Workshops designed primarily to promote a particular product or service can only be delivered through sponsorship arrangements.

Role of Workshop Leaders

Once the Workshop has been accepted the Leader will be provided with the ICME-15 Workshop Guidelines to help them plan the sessions and prepare information about the Workshop for inclusion in the ICME-15 Program.

During the Congress, the Workshop Leader and supporting proposers will run the Workshop session(s).


Please refer to the Key Dates table to confirm the dates related to this activity. Further information will also be provided in the Second Announcement.

Submission Guidelines

Please refer to the following guideline to make a submission into the ICME-15 General Submissions portal. Please note a submission to a Topic Study Group (TSG) must be completed in the ICME-15 TSG portal.

ICME-15 General Submissions portal