ICME Solidarity Fund

One of the aims of the ICME congresses is to have a balanced representation of presenters and delegates from all over the world. Since ICME-8, a 10% levy on all ICME registrations is allocated to the ICME Solidarity Fund.

The Solidarity Fund provides grants to delegates from less affluent regions of the world to support and increase their participation in ICME congresses. Grants provide partial support with registration fees, accommodation and travel costs incurred in attending ICME-15. All potential applicants are advised to apply for funding from other sources as well.

Delegates from eligible countries who contribute to the Scientific Program of ICME-15 are eligible for support from the Solidarity Fund. This includes members of Plenary Panels and Survey Teams, Invited Lecturers, Co-chairs and members of TSG Teams, Coordinators of Discussion Groups and Workshops, and delegates whose Paper or Poster is accepted for the program of a TSG.

Applications for a Solidarity Fund Grant

Delegates who consider themselves eligible for grants from the Solidarity Fund of ICME-15 are encouraged to submit a grant application.

The form requires applicants to provide personal and professional information about themselves, including their contribution to ICME-15.

  • Basic personal information, including full name, postal and e-mail addresses
  • Current institution, academic position and country
  • Academic Curriculum Vitae
  • List of publications
  • Contribution to ICME-15
  • Other financial support obtained to attend ICME-15 (if any)

A recommendation letter from a PhD-supervisor or senior colleague may also be provided as part of the application.

Applications will be assessed by the Solidarity Fund Committee, appointed by the IPC of ICME-15.


Please refer to the Key Dates table to confirm the dates related to this activity. All applicants for Solidarity Fund Grants will be informed of the outcome well in advance to the Congress.

Solidarity Fund form