ICMI Activities

Awardee Lectures

ICMI recognises outstanding contributions to different aspects of the field of mathematics education through several prestigious awards:

  • The Felix Klein Award, named after the first president of ICMI (1908-1920), this awards honours lifetime achievement in mathematics education research.
  • The Hans Freudenthal Award, named after the eighth president of ICMI (1967-1970), this award recognises a major cumulative program of mathematics education research.
  • The Emma Castelnuevo Award, named after the Italian mathematics educator born in 1913, to celebrate her 100th birthday, and honour her pioneering work, this award recognises outstanding achievements in the practice of mathematics education.

These awards are presented at the Opening Ceremony, and the awardees will be invited to present a lecture as part of ICME-15.

ICMI Study Reports

ICMI Studies have been a significant part of the ICME-15 Scientific Program since the 1980s. Each Study examines a topic or issue of prominent current interest in mathematics education in order to promote discussion and action at international, regional, and institutional levels.

Details of the ICMI Studies to be reported at ICME-15 will be provided in the Congress Program in 2024.

ICMI Affiliate Organization Activities

Leaders of both the regional and thematic ICMI Affiliated Organizations are invited to use ICME-15 as an opportunity to promote their work to Congress participants and raise awareness of the contributions of their organization to mathematics education.

A 90-minute session has been dedicated to the Affiliated Organizations, however some organizations can also arrange extensive satellite activities in association with ICME-15.

The Conference Secretariat will contact the leaders of these Affiliated Organizations in 2023 to commence discussing their presence in the ICME-15 program.